How Hiring a Honeybook Pro Saved my Sanity


How Hiring a Honeybook Pro Saved my Sanity

Did you know Honeybook has professional superheroes to literally set up your systems inside the CRM for you?

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Guys, I needed help. I knew Honeybook could be the solution to my lack of automation problems in my photography business, but I just didn’t know how it worked, how to set it up, or how incredible it could truly be. And I certainly didn’t have the time. All I knew was how tired I was of handling each and every single point of contact between me and my clients when I knew I needed a pipeline that could do it for me. 

Here’s what my client workflow looked like before hiring a Honeybook Pro. Keep in mind, I had to be present, create, and send each piece of this client communication throughout each and every client process, several times a month:

  • answer inquiry with client magazine
  • follow up
  • client submits session retainer & contract
  • respond with dates
  • client confirms mutual session date
  • respond with client hub link
  • send outfit prep info with what to wear guide
  • email senior session style survey
  • send final reminder & final invoice remaining payment form
  • post session survey & testimonial request
  • gallery delivery link & thank you

Enter Dahlia Orth – a Honeybook Pro. YOU GUYS. Did you know that they have professional superheroes to literally set up your systems inside the CRM for you?! YES THEY DO! We had a discovery call so she could find out exactly what I needed and then BAM!  I was on my way to Honeybook heaven!

Here’s 5 things that Dahlia set up for me (and so much more) that has literally changed my life!

Templates: she set up every single email, contract, invoice, questionnaire, and order form I have accumulated over the last 12 years of my business. It’s all there and ready to be sent to a client at the click of a button. 

Automations: she also set up an entire pipeline that begins when a potential client inquires with me and books with me, all the way through image delivery! Every single step of my client workflow, including payment plans and systems, are set up and in a beautifully automated system that will take care of itself without me. You can use these incredible things Honeybook calls “smart dates” and based on your client’s session date, emails are sent on the confirmed time period before their session (for example, 4 weeks before their session, I send them their senior session style survey). This is done automatically, which means I can be at the movie theater with my family while Honeybook sends out a client email, or invoice! 

Scheduling: this is one of my favorite features! Dahlia set up my session availability for the REST OF THE YEAR, friends! I no longer have to email my clients to offer specific dates only for them to say they’re busy those days and then for me to send more. NOPE! They can choose from my session availability calendar that’s already been set up and ready to go! 

Invoices & Payment Plans: did you know that you can automate your clients’ payments based on their session dates?!? Heck yes you can! Upon booking, they are invoiced with not only their session retainer, but a payment plan I have set up using smart dates for their session date, so they can automatically be billed at 6, 4, and 2 weeks before their session date to complete their full all-inclusive session fees. Boom, DONE! 

Forms: I know this isn’t crazy exciting for most, but the fact that I no longer have to use a third party platform to create order forms, surveys, and other client completion documents is HUGE for me. Literally EVERYTHING is housed inside of Honeybook and each client has their own feed and links for each! 

Dahlia also customized my Honeybook client views to my brand, recorded detailed tutorials for how it all works and links together using my actual dashboard, and showed me things about Honeybook that I never even knew existed. 

Want to know what my client communication workflow looks like now after hiring a Honeybook Pro? Here it is:

  • apply senior session automation workflow to inquiry with the click of two buttons
  • link client’s gallery when complete & continue automation workflow


I am so beyond thankful for the incredible team of Honeybook & Dahlia Orth – they have saved my sanity!

If you love the idea of getting your client process under control with Honeybook, but aren’t ready to hire a Pro yet, guess what?!?! Dahlia teaches Honeybook set up, automation, & template courses! Ahhhhh! How amazing is that?!? She will teach you step by step how to get your HB ducks in a row! And GUESS WHAT?!!? I have a 10% discount code for her amazing & super detailed courses! Use the code AMANDA to save 10% off all her Honeybook courses!

Did YOU know that Honeybook could do all this?  Did you know that you could outsource your Honeybook set up?!?! Let me know if you have any questions about the process of hiring a Honeybook Pro and I’d be thrilled to answer!

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