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The A-List Society is a community full of photographers like you who want education designed to transform your business into a client booking, income producing, and evolving machine that works FOR you. Every week, members receive LIVE trainings, guides, & resources to stay on top of the ever changing industry while going behind the scenes with Amanda Holloway. Imagine how much time & stress you can save every month by being a part of a community that gives you the secrets to success while building your confidence & income at the same time.

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Every week Amanda educates society members with actionable education, live session videos, live q&a videos, visual education, challenges, downloadables, and so much more.

Members will be the ONLY people to have EXCLUSIVE access to Amanda Holloway and the education provided.

Want a stress free approach to running your business? Get step-by-step & done-for-you business education with the A-List Society.

Are you an A-Lister?


educational posts, videos,
printables, guides & resources


A-Listers who are
scaling their businesses


monthly membership
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hours of video lessons
& tutorials alone

“It truly is THE best group! Money so well spent! Every day I think to myself, “What will she post about today?!?” Amanda is consistent and the content is always worth while and something of value that I can implement into my business!”



“The A-list group is the absolute best photography education you will ever invest in! Every discussion is relevant to what’s going on with the senior photography industry and is exactly what you need to learn about. My favorite part about being an A-Lister is how responsive and helpful Amanda is to the group whether you have a question or need help. If you want to take your business to the next level, I would highly recommend joining!” 


on the quality of education

“This group is hands down worth every penny. Amanda gives real “nuts and bolts” info/education and not just a ton of repeated fluff.”


Doesn't want

“Your marketing advice has totally transformed the way I think about marketing on a local level, to real people. I see attracting potential clients as possible and not beyond my reach anymore.”




love letters

What's inside the membership?

Grab a cup of coffee and settle in, because we're gonna deep dive into our topic of the week every week!


Between shooting videos, editing tutorials, marketing screen recordings, and more, there's over 50 hours of video tutorials inside the Society!


In the A-List Society, we're all about checklists, resource guides, to-do lists and more!



yep, need this!

+ copy & paste IG captions to use all month long
+ a LIVE planning session based on provided captions & content
+ over 40 content ideas for all social media platforms
+ creating lead magnets & newsletter followings
+ extensive strategies to increase social media engagement
+ conversion marketing methods outside of social media

Every month A-Listers receive intense marketing strategies that are immediately actionable!


You want to stay ahead of the marketing game & produce real results that lead to more bookings & sales.

Pricing & Sales

I want to make more $$$

+ collection building for top offering sales
+ how to motivate higher sales through value structures
+ in person sales techniques backed by science
+ pre-sales education to prime high end clients
+ all inclusive session options for digital offerings
+ buying personalities & how to sell to each

A-Listers receive pricing and sales methods backed by consumer psychology.


You need guidance on how to stop being overworked & underpaid and finally get off the financial struggle bus.

Yes! Show me your tricks

+ flow posing sets that produce sellable images
+ video tutorials with Amanda's real clients
+ how to add movement & action to otherwise stale posing
+ tips for better straight out of the camera images
+ editing tutorials using showcasing editing steps
+ how to infuse editorial style to portrait posing

Every month A-Listers receive posing and shooting tutorials designed to push them out of their comfort zones.


You find yourself in a creative rut & wanting to evolve your images into what your clients actually want.

Posing + Shooting

Photo Client Process

I'm ready to soak it all in!

+ client session & sales prep communications
+ fashion: consult & wardrobe education
+ restrictive scheduling through planned organization
+ problematic clients & how to handle them
+ client hubs: how Amanda uses them for efficiency
+ using session day sales tactics to drive upsells

A-Listers receive behind-the-scenes education on how Amanda runs her own client timeline from beginning to end.


You need help creating a streamlined client blue-print that ensures customizable automation.

let's do this!

+ branding techniques to increase online presence
+ fashion education for client wardrobe planning
+ live Q&A sessions for any & all A-Lister needs
+ A-Lister interviews with industry leaders
+ lifestyle / work balance tips to maintain sanity
+ personal finance education like retirement & savings

Amanda strives to keep A-Listers ahead of the industry by sharing exclusive tips & tricks of the business! 


You want a community of like-minded creatives who work hard together & see results together.

And so much more!

Gina Lantz

The A-List Society is my go-to for education for all things senior, but can also be used for any genre of photography or business for that matter. Amanda holds nothing back, you get the good, the bad and the ugly, and that's what I love so much - it's real-life stuff that happens in her business, which helps me feel like I'm not the only one. She tells it like it is - no fluff, and I love that! The sheer amount of content is incredible and oh-so helpful. Amanda walks you step-by-step through the process of creating everything for your senior business, from financial planning for your future and how to run a business, to how to promote to your seniors (guys or girls), how to make tiny changes for a multitude of looks for your clients, and how to sell products for maximum profitability.

This is my go-to group every day, and if I miss a live, it's all recorded and posted for me to go back and catch up. I love the genuineness (is that even a word) and helpfulness of this group and all the speakers Amanda brings in to teach us. It is WELL-WORTH the monthly cost and more. And if you have a question you get an answer from directly from Amanda. I feel like she's right there in the room with me. THIS IS THE ONLY EDUCATION GROUP YOU NEED TO SUCCEED!

Kelly Wagner Hite

I joined a list last year when I decided to make seniors my focus, and I don’t know that I would be where I am without this group! Amanda is so giving of information and so incredible with social media!

I love the monthly magazine with caption ideas and story ideas! I could literally never think about Instagram again with that information! I love how she takes the time to go live monthly and share her tribulations and her successes so that you feel like you’re not alone in this crazy journey! I’ve let go of so many of my education systems since I started, but this one I will have it forever! I don’t even get me started on her shop! The best part of a list, is that it covers everything, from shooting, to editing, from marketing, to education and financials!

Ashley Gambino

Everyday I look forward to seeing what is going to pop up in the A-List Society! If it’s from Amanda or a peer - it’s good and it definitely starts a conversation you’ll gain insight for your business. The amount of education and ideas that flow through the society is one you’ll never regret subscribing too! Let me tell you, compared to the “other” platforms, Amanda shows up (completely real with you) and it’s worth every $1 a day/$30 monthly subscription spent or save up front and pay for the year! Wink wink, tax write off!

If I am not able to hop on a live - I LOVE the fact all lives are saved and Amanda replies to post questions. It’s phenomenal and the amount of transparency goes along way in this group. 5 star recommended and no better place to invest in yourself and business. I have been apart of the A-List Society for a little over a year and have measured my growth based on what education I am investing into and the output my business gains. Wanna talk money - 💥 BAM Amanda is your gal and won’t sugarcoat it for you.



How long-time A-List Society members really feel about the education being taught...

When you’re an A-Lister, you receive monthly education that will help you understand WHY clients book one photographer over the other, and how to increase your chances of booking when a potential client inquires with you. We are constantly analyzing the consumerism psychology behind drawing your potential clients in, hooking them with client education paired with visual assets, and so much more!

Social media is the NUMBER ONE way to reach potential clients – especially seniors! Amanda teaches A-Listers how to create scroll stopping content that will increase engagement and get the attention of their target market! She goes over everything from engagement analytics, content creation and even provides a monthly content calendar every month!

Who is the A-LIST SOCIETY for?

want to book
more clients

want more engagement on social media



A-Listers get to watch Amanda shoot real seniors on real senior sessions while listening in to how Amanda instructs & poses each client based on the look she wants to accomplish. She doesn’t stop there… A-Listers receive posing flow analysis pictorials, lighting tutorials, editing tutorials, and everything in between!

want to shoot
with more purpose

A-Listers not only dive deep into collection pricing, a la carte pricing, and sales, Amanda also guides them into the larger financial topics at hand like taxes, retirement, and emergency accounts for their businesses. Learn how to motivate your clients to spend more by leveraging human psychology as well as make more money per hour and make it work for you and your family.

want to make
more money




Amanda teaches A-Listers how to educate each and every client in ways that are efficient, effective, and generate more income! Learn how she uses visual assets and an educational system to prepare her clients for every step of the client experience.

want to educate their clients for a better experience

Amanda doesn’t mince her education because she actually wants her A-Listers to succeed not only in their businesses, but in their personal lives as well. Amanda doesn’t fill the A-List community with talks about “passion” and “believing in yourself.” Nope. She teaches what will actually move your business into a well oiled machine that is profitable. She provides actionable education every single week that has already produced real results for A-Listers… just check out the testimonials portion below!

aren't interested in the three F's




“OMG! The A-List is the best. I was so apprehensive about buying...”

I tend to purchase things that appear great only to find out they are crap and not worth my time and money and just aren’t what they appear to be in the advertisement. The A-List is the total opposite. I am so glad I gave it a try despite my hesitations. You are truly knowledgeable and are very open and honest in this group. The response time to questions asked within the group is phenomenal. The amount of information already in the group is overwhelming!"



Yes, It Really Works

“I hope no one is skipping over this!”

I’ve been in this group for a month and it is definitely a game changer for my business! Posing, editing, mentoring, business advice. You cover it all! The fact that it is only $30 a month for all the content is incredible! It’s worth so much more. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! You are a Godsend, Amanda!"

This A-Lister


“I so appreciate all of the hard work you’ve so clearly put into this group!”

All the ideas you’ve given have been GOLD and have also inspired me to take them even further… I have so many ideas right now!”



“The amount of time saving alone justifies the price. Total game-changer.”

I’ve been a member is Amanda’s A-List Society since it’s inception and not only do you get allllll of the value back in products, post material, ideas, freebies, and guidance it also holds you accountable- it’s the reason I come back year after year!



side by side images showcasing before & after posing correction

actual problematic e-mails from past clients and how Amanda handled them

using sales verbiage backed by psychology to increase your income

high value captions swipe files for you to use in your own IG posts every single month

full editing tutorials that showcase Amanda's manual editing steps without costly actions

live question and answer sessions with Amanda as well as guest speaker programs

Posts you'll find in the community...


Get 50% OFF
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Learn from actionable education, live session videos, live q&a videos, visual education, challenges, downloadables, and so much more in our community for photographers. Imagine how much time & stress you can save every month by being a part of a community that gives you the secrets to success while building your confidence & income at the same time.


"I've been a part of A-List Society for over two years and it NEVER disappoints. The business tips, marketing ideas, pricing tutorials, and just all around AMAZING help Amanda provides is worth it's weight in gold. If ever I'm feeling stuck on some aspect of my senior portrait business, it's the first place I go and there's always an answer. The best part is that Amanda doesn't hold back and shares the REAL aspects of running a business, what it takes to succeed, and she challenges and leads others towards the same wins. Every senior photographer NEEDS to be part of this community!"

- Jennifer Weinman

As long as you are a subscribing A-Lister and in the community, you will have access to the material! Once you cancel your membership, you’ll be removed from the group and will no longer have access.

How long will I have access to the educational material?

YES! You have full control over your monthly subscription and can stop your membership at any time. If you’d like to cancel, you’ll just need to sign into your account here in the AHP photog shop, and stop your membership. That’s it! Easy peasy!

Can I cancel my monthly membership at anytime?

Members who purchase a monthly or annual subscription and request membership following the instructions in the receipt download will be added within 48 business hours of requesting to join the community.

When will I be added to the membership community?

When you purchase your subscription, a DOWNLOAD will appear in your AHP Photographer’s Shop account (one will also be e-mailed to you). Please download the file and open on your computer. You will find a LINK and instructions to follow in the file.

How do I get added to the community? 

NO. Due to an educational conflict of interest, educators of any kind (digital, online, in-person, etc) will not be allowed membership. Should you enter the membership as a non-educator, and then become an educator while maintaining membership standing, you will be removed from the membership community without refund immediately.

Can I be an A-Lister Society member if I’m currently teaching in the industry? 

Are you kidding?!? NOW is the perfect time for CCAA! Want to know why? Because this means you’ll hit the ground running with good habits, good marketing systems, and good methods. So many photographers wish they would have learned more successful marketing methods earlier on in their business because they had built so many bad habits and therefore had been missing out on inquiries & bookings all along. NOW is the time to learn incredible habits that will benefit you for years to come.

I’m a brand new photographer & just getting started. Is this course for me?



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Get 50% OFF
your 1st month!


Learn from actionable education, live session videos, live q&a videos, visual education, challenges, downloadables, and so much more in our community for photographers.