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This intense guide details how to spot each type of buyer personality & how to leverage social media, your inquiry guide, and even your sales methods to motivate higher bookings & sales!

If you want to book more clients, this guide will help you know how to respond to inquiries in a way that will set you apart from your competition.

This step-by-step guide will help you understand one of the biggest factors that should go into your pricing structures: your current financial standing. Learn the formulas & how they effect your income.

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This pricing information is EXACTLY what I was looking for... and it was free!! Like whaaaat?! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, Amanda!

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This freebie is LOADED with all things social media! You get 10 templates (5 posts and 5 stories) as well as a social media marketing guide that gives you tons of education on how to market availability, session behind the scenes, products & testimonials!

Learn from actionable education, live session videos, live q&a videos, visual education, challenges, downloadables, and so much more in our community for photographers. Imagine how much time & stress you can save every month by being a part of a community that gives you the secrets to success while building your confidence & income at the same time.

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LawTog Contracts

Social Squares

Get 50% OFF your first year of service! Between new clients, product orders, client timelines, e-mails, and scheduling, the photography business is HARD and there’s always so much to keep up with. HoneyBook is my go-to system to keep it all organized, streamlined and efficient! It's like having an assistant in your back pocket to do all the things you no longer have time for!

Contracts are your legal lifeline when it comes to your business! Contracts allow you to not only protect yourself and your clients, but your way of life. The LawTog Contracts are some of the only contracts available in the industry that are actually created and backed by a working attorney who is currently representing photographers all across the industry.

Keeping up with producing content, a cohesive feed, and specific scheduling has made social media marketing more and more of a tedious task. Social Squares is an incredible curation of visually stunning social media images that will slow the scroll of your target market. Just sign in, choose an image from thousands in the member gallery, and post. It’s incredibly simple with such beautiful impact.

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