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How UGC Could Explode your Bookings

When you think you’ve found a product to purchase on Amazon, where’s the first place you look for validation?

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User generated content can explode your client bookings

If I told you that I had a SECRET that could highly impact nearly 80% of your potential clients’ purchasing decisions, would you want to know what that was?

Pssssst…. it’s not what you think it is. In fact, it’s not even content that YOU can offer.

I’m talking about UGC: USER GENERATED CONTENT! What, exactly is UGC? User generated content is content that is provided by your brand’s customers & clients who have actually used your products, purchased your services, and want to tell the world about them (specifically unpaid contributors)! Think about it… when you think you’ve found a product to purchase on Amazon, where’s the first place you look for validation in your purchase decision? THE REVIEW SECTION. Boom.


  • UGC is the #1 type of media that millennials trust above all else⁣
  • consumers find UGC to be almost 10% more impactful than other content⁣
  • 60% of purchasers believe UGC is the most authentic type of marketing strategy⁣
  • 92% of consumers trust UGC – even if provided by strangers ⁣
  • brands that begin implementing UGC marketing campaigns usually see a 50% increase in sales⁣

    PEOPLE…. read those numbers again! Those are HUGE reasons why you should be using UGC in your online and social media marketing strategies!⁣

How can UGC be used to motivate your potential clients?

Here are the THREE main types of UGC:

  • video testimonials⁣⁣
  • screenshots of 1:1 communications (DMs, PMs, e-mails, texts, etc)⁣⁣
  • re-created graphics showcasing testimonial copy⁣⁣
    This is the actual order of effectiveness for motivating a lead, so keep that in mind when asking for / receiving testimonials and reviews from your clients. Something as easy as asking your client a few questions live at their session with you while recording is something that is so simple, but has MASSIVE impact! ⁣⁣

Now let’s discuss the HOW behind it all! How the heck are you going to get those testimonials?!?!

1. OPEN ENDED ASK: sometimes you just have to ask! Send an e-mail to your client asking for a review or their thoughts on their experience with your brand.

2. CLOSE ENDED ASK: If coming up with a paragraph about their experience may seem a bit too abstract, ask your client specific questions like a) how did you feel during your session? or b) when you saw your images for the first time, what did you think? or c) what was your favorite part of your session? Each of these answers can be provided as UGC.

3. RECORDED INTERVIEW: On a session with a bubbly client? Take advantage of that incredible personality and ask permission to interview her on her brand experience! Let her talk about her fave moment so far, why she chose to hire you, and what she could tell her friends about your brand! This is GOLD!!!

4. SHARE CONTENT: if your client snaps a pic of her product or a selfie while she’s experiencing your brand, that is UGC! SHARE THAT to your audience! That helps creative inclusivity and motivation for others to convert! ⁣

5. RATING SYSTEM: remember when toothpaste commercials would state, “9 out of 10 dentists recommend!” That is what we’re talking about here. While this is the LEAST impactful type of UGC, it does help provide inclusion and a weighted number to the value your brand provides.

So tell me… what kind of UGC are YOU ready to start featuring with your audience?!?! I am challenging you to get 3 pieces of UGC published to your social media and online platforms by the end of the month

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