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Tara’s Editorial Workflow Course includes over 5 hours of step-by-step video tutorials for taking your images to the editorial level in less than 5 minutes each. Tara literally begins from image import and takes you through her entire process for culling, editing, color grading, retouching, and so much more. This course has been her most requested education and she is finally releasing her signature editorial editing secrets! With Tara’s specific process, tips, & tricks, you will learn how to create editorially polished images without having to commit to countless hours of mico-editing while creating consistently beautiful results.

Editorial style without the
editorial hours. 

"For YEARS I was struggling to cull through my images and turnaround viewings within 2 weeks. I couldn’t figure out HOW all these other photographers can guarantee a 2 week view and then 6 week delivery. Plus, I have always been drawn to the high fashion look, but wasn’t comfortable with studio lighting to understand all the efforts that go into studio. Again, floored with how the process of understanding the light settings to keep the camera settings set.

My business has elevated with efficient workflow, retouching and editing along with a wider scale on offering studio. I would go back again and again for a 1-1 with Tara since her knowledge in the industry is untouchable!"


"When I came to Tara she floored me with the tips and tricks to cull, up scale my workflow and the special touches to retouching."

I wanted to create the images I saw in magazines, but thought creating an editorial retouching process would take hours for each and every image. But through finding shortcuts, batch processes, and easy to learn techniques, I found ways to create the style I was looking for in a much faster time.

I made my images try to look like everyone’s else while using the typical plug-in software and filters. 

When I finally learned how to create images with that editorial flair, I found that my clients began to hire me because they wanted something different. They wanted to look like themselves, but with an organic magazine finish. 


Tara kicks this course off with one of the first steps to having perfectly edited images: the straight out of the camera capture! You'll learn how she gets her images as close to perfect as possible before pressing the shutter and she doesn't stop there. She'll also share how she organizes her files for the ultimate archival system, and how she imports & backs up RAW images.

This module is all about culling through entire sessions of images and what Tara looks for in those ready to edit final portraits. She will teach you all about how she differentiates images between angles, posing, movement and composition while also showcasing how she efficiently culls through a specific system of narrowing down her session favorites.

Here's What You'll Learn

Importing Foundations

Culling with



This is the module where everyone's jaw hits the floor. Learn how to create Tara's signature editorial style with her retouching secrets! You'll learn how she edits skin, fly aways, tan lines, clothing adjustments and more in this intense module! You'll also learn her keyboard shortcuts and tips to saving time when retouching!

Retouching with


In Module #3, Tara shows you how to edit with efficiency in mind! She explains how she edits with exposure, white balance, contrast and other adjustments in mind while using short cuts and fine tuning tips and tricks to batch sync and match total exposures! Imagine editing an entire session in no time at all and having it ready for retouching crazy fast!

Editing with



Ready to take your images to the next level? In this module, Tara teaches you how to use her color grading and frequency separation process to get those straight out of the magazine images all your clients want! She even snuck in extra bonus videos to showcase how she troubleshoots some of the most common portrait issues!

Fashion & Creative


Tara Rochelle is a firehose of knowledge! Having her show me her editing was a game changer! My workflow is MUCH faster now that I use all of her tricks and shortcuts! She’s amazing at getting exactly what she wants in camera so the editing is just bringing out the beauty that is already there! Her editing looks natural and flawless!

Being able to quickly achieve my desired look helps me to be able to close my computer quickly and be more present with my family!! AND allows me to spend more time behind the camera! That is what it’s all about!!

- Jennifer Wyeth


an editorial image style that doesn’t take hours away from your family

What's in it for you?

an efficient process that will have you editing an image in less than 5 minutes



What you can get out of EDITORIAL WORKFLOW:

a skin retouching process that polishes without sacrificing texture


an editing process that you can apply to a variety of images


clients that will love your work because it sets you apart from your competition



A year from now you
will have wished you started today....

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you struggle with skin texture in your images

you wish you could edit faster without sacrificing quality

want to produce natural yet fashion-inspired images

you want your clients to look naturally effortless yet polished 

want to efficiently utilize what your editing software has to offer

drastically transform your portfolio 
into editorial, clean, and bold images

Editorial Workflow with Tara 
is for you if...


I am a self taught photographer and the struggle was real and so was the frustration when I began my journey. I bought countless courses and watched more YouTube videos than anyone ever should. I joined Facebook groups and bought actions and presets hoping that they were the answers to all the questions I faced. I've always been drawn to editorial photography and then I came across Tara. I stalked (I mean followed her) for years and LOVE everything about her work. When the opportunity came a long for me to meet and learn from her, you better believe I took it!

She touched on everything from camera settings and shooting styles to styling and editing a session to marketing and branding, I could keep going but we will just say... she's an open book. Tara's teaching skills & personality are as amazing as her photography skills. I am so much more confident in my posing & editing and I have her to thank for it. She's still a resource when I need her and that is PRICELESS!!! It is hands down the best money I have spent for myself and my business period.

- Stefanie K.

(Lightroom Import Presets, Frequency Separation, & Color Pop)

(with video tutorials for more creative edits, troubleshooting issues like lipstick on teeth, background clean up and more)

Check out the extras you will receive!


Study at your own pace

Plan based on your learning style

Follow a


Let's Do This Thing!

Payment Plan

3 payments of $150

One Payment 

1 payment of $349

Best Value!

select the plan that works for you:

"She lays it all on the table, taking you behind the scenes showing you a workflow that is purposeful, organized, and saves time! Tara breaks down the editing and retouching game Into creative bite size pieces that are next level and and her vibrant personality makes learning fun again!"


"Photogs! If you have not had the opportunity to watch Tara work her magic and learn her brilliant ways, You must take this course!" 

I’m a busy hustler. Can I participate when I have the time or do I have to participate at certain times and days? 

Editorial Workflow with Tara Rochelle is an AT YOUR PACE kinda course! If you want to blast through it in a month, go for it! If you want to take your time and digest each lesson with plenty of time for practice, that’s awesome! Either way, you can take as much or as little time as you need. Everyone’s process will look a little different and that is the beauty of a self-paced course.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this course for a certain kind of photographer?

Editorial Workflow is for ALL portrait photographers... no matter your genre or no matter your age, no matter your experience or no matter your level of experience. You will walk away with new tools that have proven results time after time across thousands of students.

What editing platform does this course mainly go over?

This course showcases how to use Photoshop, Lightroom, Capture One, and Photo Mechanic! But don't worry! You don't HAVE to have all of the above to learn how to edit in Tara's style! She shows you how to use all of them individually and independently of each other! 

How long will I be able to access this course?

Forever! This is a lifetime course! Guess what that means?!? If you join NOW – you’re in forever... including when I update the course, add any modules, and evolve it overtime! Oh yes, joining now gets you all the future perks too!

What kind of content is this course? Sometimes I need to read, hear and watch to absorb the information.

AWESOME! This course includes so many different levels of learning because I wanted to make sure that anyone could take this course, and get actionable education out of it. Each module presents a video with visuals of the information! No matter how you learn, I got your back!

Can I buy Editorial Workflow now and then begin the course later? I’m busy this time of year! 

Will we have access to you personally? What if I have questions?!?

ABSOLUTELY! I know that seasons come and go in a photographers’ life and you may need to wait until you can clear your calendar to get started. No worries! When you purchase your seat to Editorial Workflow, you’re in forever, so take your time and begin the course when you’re ready!

I’m a brand new photographer & just getting started. Is this course for me?

Are you kidding?!? NOW is the perfect time for this course! Want to know why? Because this means you’ll hit the ground running with good editing habits! So many photographers who have come to me later in their photography career tell me that they wish they would have learned my editing education earlier because they had to go back and re-edit their entire portfolio to reflect their new editing style. NOW is the time to learn incredible habits that will benefit you for years to come.

HECK YES! I would NEVER leave you hanging to just figure it all out on your own! Once you’re a member of Editorial Workflow, you’re in the family! Tara will be there to hold your hand as you navigate throughout each module and lesson! If you have any questions just email and we'll be able to help you out!

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