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Think about it... when you ask questions like "Should I be using TikTok?" or "Is the floral crown trend over?" WHY would you ask a fellow photographer who ISN'T a member of your target audience? They cannot give you the answer that you actually need because they aren't from your region, your client's age, in the life event of your client, and many more reasons. Why not go straight to the source and ask the people that matter most to your business: your target clients.

Stop asking other photographers what you should be asking 

your target market.

Ready to get the answers you need?

After your Focus Groups Intensive, my confidence has skyrocketed because I now have a plan! Everything you covered was insightful but your list of questions to ask was exactly what I needed. I’m most afraid of hosting a focus group, looking like I don’t know what I’m doing, and asking questions that are pointless or that result in a bunch of non-answers.
The questions you provided are brilliant and more than enough to start with."

I’m so grateful to have a plan I’m excited about! Thanks to you, I’ve learned how to learn things I need to know to help me focus on what my clients actually care about. 


"After moving to a new town, I had no idea how to appeal to my new market.

I had tons of questions that I felt, if answered, could help me market my business and set myself apart from the competition. I just knew if I could learn what my target market wanted, I could use that to become THE photographer in my area. After asking countless other photographers and failing at what THEY thought I needed, I decided to go straight to the source: my clients and their friends who DIDN'T hire me.

Scouring photography groups for answers to my questions.

Hosting focus groups has changed my business FOREVER! I have been able to learn exactly what my target market wants from me, how to maximize my online presence, how to stay relevant, and how to attract my target market more than my local competitors. 



The Focus Method

This lesson will help you discover why asking your burning questions to other photographers just doesn't work. We'll dive into the scientific and industry specific process of focus groups and why they are so important to running a successful business.

Lesson #2 is all about the details of the focus group. We'll discuss exactly WHO you will want to invite, WHEN to run your focus groups, and WHERE to host them. A LOT of photographers get these details wrong when they host a focus group and because of those mistakes, it alters the dynamics of the group and can negatively impact the quality of information you gain.

Here's What You'll Learn

Market Research

Who, What, When, & Where



Lesson #4 dives deep into the details behind not only processing the information you gained from your focus group, but how to organize and optimize it so that you can apply it all to your business. There will be some changes and updates that you'll want to make in your business that will actually have to wait and others that you can act on immediately. This lesson will help you know which ones to attack first and how to apply the other kind later.

Processing Positive Changes


This lesson is my absolute favorite because it breaks down the psychology behind what you want to learn from your focus groups. We will dive into over 100 questions to ask in the categories of marketing, art (images and editing), the client experience, and product & service offerings. Each question is specifically crafted to maximize your information that you can learn from your focus group.

Questions to Ask & How to Prepare



a crystal clear plan for hosting your first and future focus groups every year

What's in it for you?

an understanding of exactly who should attend (it's not who you think)



What you can get out of THE FOCUS METHOD:

tons of information about how to attract clients, straight from your target market


the rules for running an efficient and fool-proof focus group

a clear path of how to process and apply the information gained to you biz



100 done for you questions that you can use to run your focus group

a complete plan for how to run a focus group from invite to application




A year from now you
will have wished you started today....

So let's get started!

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I want you to think about a term you hear when considering purchasing education: return on investment. This means that whatever cost the education is to you, you will receive either a low, match, or high return BACK from the education you learn.

The Focus Method offers a DIRECT return on your investment into the course simply because it teaches students how to be more attractive to their target audience, and therefore, receive more inquiries and bookings. And take it from my students... the return has proven to be incredibly high.

you feel like you're not attracting enough inquiries

you want to book more clients

you wonder why potential clients are booking someone else instead of you

you wish you could pick your clients' brains

your market isn't vibing with your marketing attempts

you're not sure your products are right for your clients or if they even like them

you want to understand what your target market wants in a photographer

you want to know what your target market thinks
of your editing style

you feel like you're missing the mark when it comes to marketing to your clients 

The FOCUS METHOD is for you if...


Inside the Focus Method is tons of bonus content in the form of checklists, brainstorming worksheets, resource guides, and more! YES! I just love bonus content because they really help my students understand each concept in deeper way.

+ SWIPE FILES: copy & paste communication
+ WORKSHEETS: brainstorm your focus group (pre and post)
+ 100 QUESTIONS TO ASK: categorized & done for you
+ TO - DO LISTS: based on what kind of info you gain
+ And more!

Check out all the extras you will receive!


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Payment Plan

2 payments of $99

One Payment 

1 payment of $149

Best Value!

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