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3 Reasons You Aren’t Booking Clients

…that have nothing to do with your prices.

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Why you aren't booking clients

Rejection. It stings. We get all excited when we get a session inquiry only to be met with crickets, or maybe a “no thanks.” after we’ve responded. Are you getting all the inquiries, but none of them are booking your services?

The first thing photographers want to blame is their pricing, but don’t shoot yourself in the foot yet! There’s several other reasons why you may not be converting those potential clients.

3 reasons you may not be booking clients (that have nothing to do with your prices):

#1. Your inquiry response isn’t leaving a lasting impression:

How are you responding to your inquiries? Clients want to know what they’re getting themselves into and they want to be educated on the experience they can expect when they hire you. If you are only responding with your service prices with a price sheet full of numbers with, you’re likely pushing inquirers away, rather than attracting them to your the experience your brand provides.

Try responding with a visual PDF magazine that includes plenty of images from your portfolio, client experience, and products to visually represent what you can offer your clients! ⁣Consider creating a client guide PDF that you can send inquiries that showcases your client experience. ⁣Want to know what else to include in your magazine? Check out this blog post for what to include and what not to include in your inquiry response guide!

#2. You’re not including MESSAGING in your inquiry response:

Have you considered the pain points and solutions your brand can provide to your target market? Ask yourself, “What issues are my target market experiencing that I, as a photographer, can help with?” This is the time to dive deep into the brain of your potential client so that you can show them how hiring you can really make their life easier. ⁣⁣ If you are not communicating these factors with your audience, they may not feel like you can relate to them and solve their problems. Learn how to use messaging in your website and social media platforms to hook your potential clients and earn their trust.⁣

For example, if your seniors are scared of over edited skin that looks plastic, show them your editing process highlights skin texture and pores.⁣

#3. You aren’t showing your brand’s value with clarity:

Are you clearly communicating what makes your brand different from the other brands that your potential clients are considering hiring? Don’t leave it up to them to do the research to find that out! Give it to them on a silver platter on your website and in your inquiry response guide. The more you can differentiate from your competitors, the better! ⁣I recommend finding out how your client experience differs from local photographers (without any emotions or judgement – just the facts.) And then capitalizing on those differences by showcasing them!

For example, if you offer makeup & hair services in your sessions when other local competitors don’t, showcase that info to your potential clients!⁣

Looking for inquiry response help? We got your back!

We have SEVERAL inquiry response magazine templates in the A-List Shop with all text included that can get you booking clients TODAY!

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