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A-List Instagram Templates: Where to Start

A list of MUST HAVE SOCIAL MEDIA TEMPLATES for photogs who want to elevate their IG brand presence!

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We know the massive collection of photography social media templates we have in our shop can be overwhelming – especially for photographers who want to get their Instagram branded and beautiful, but are starting from scratch. So we’ve decided to put together a list of MUST HAVE SOCIAL MEDIA TEMPLATES for those of you who are ready to elevate your brand presence on your social media platforms while saving a ton of design time too!

Let’s talk about the four main places to focus on for an elevated IG presence:

  1. Bio: this is your online shop window, so don’t let it go unnoticed! Most photographers use the single url space to post their website, but this could actually hurt your conversion rate instead of boost it.
  2. Highlights: these are the nuggets of featured content on your IG that will help your potential clients see what you want them to, no matter how long ago you posted it. It also allows you to categorize your content so you can add to it at any time, all in one place.
  3. Posts: this is your permanent content home and where your brand can post high value education, engaging captions, session sneak peeks, and your portfolio billboards.
  4. Stories: these are where you can post time relevant information, engage with your audience using IG stickers, post behind the scenes of your sessions, and cross promote your posts for more views and engagement.

Now that we’ve gone over those prime pieces of Instagram real estate, let’s discuss what A-List templates can really help your brand in those specific places:

IG BIO: Social Links

Instagram Templates for Photographers

Why not EXPAND the one link real-estate that Instagram gives you in your bio? Imagine not having to use a third party app to send your IG audience to a plain white link page with buttons. Imagine being able to send your IG audience to a customized & beautifully branded IG quick link page with your images on it and the quick links to where you want them to go. That is what SOCIAL LINKS is all about! We created these templates with photographers in mind to specifically host their own IG quick links on their own website with the ability to showcase their work to further motivate their audience to book with them.

You need these templates if…

  • you are using a third party site to host your IG quick links
  • you’re still sending your IG link to your website’s home page
  • you want to hook your IG audience when they click on your bio link
  • you want a more custom bio link page with images & beautiful design
  • you want to send your IG audience to multiple specific pages on your site

What’s included? We offer three different design options to complement your brand.

Social Link Template:
– intro
– quick links
– freebie section
– now booking
– featured blog posts
– see more / recent sessions section
– meet your photographer
– where to find us links menu

Video Tutorial:
– how to customize template
– how to crop / slice template
– how to upload template jpgs onto new website page
– how to size and link jpgs
– how to edit IG bio link to new short link

IG HIGHLIGHTS: Highlight Reels Collections

Instagram Reels Guide

Showcase the best of your business by featuring a mini-website on your IG Story Highlights roll directly underneath your IG bio! Most seniors make their decision to hire you beginning with your Instagram! So why not feature your entire business with amazing detail (long term, might we add) where your potential clients look first?!? Everything from how your business compares, behind the scenes, studio tours, featured seniors, reviews, announcements, calls to action, product features, all about your photographer and so much more is showcased in these professionally designed and brandable IG templates. 35+ templates are included in each collection and each post is fully expandable to include incredible detail about YOUR business. Wow your potential clients and set yourself apart from your competition with beautiful highlight posts that allow them to fall in love with your portfolio and the experience you offer.


• 35 total story designs
• 7 Highlight topics
• 5 Highlight designs for each topic
• Video Tutorial: How to use and customize your Highlight Reels
• BONUS: Calls to Action
• BONUS: 37 Cover Icons

• About Us / Meet the Team
• How Do We Compare
• Before & After Edits
• Studio Portfolio
• Our Products
• Client Testimonials
• What to Wear

• Behind the Scenes
• FAQs
• Featured Senior
• Press & Awards
• Senior Models
• Studio Tour
• Portrait Timeline

IG POSTS: starter options

Instagram resources for photographers

This template collection is for photographers who are looking for a variety of PSD social media templates that will produce clean and beautifully branded content that will convert their potential clients into paying clients. You could literally start overhauling your highlights, posting your CTAs, and converting your audience TODAY!

So clean and minimal with tons of functional variety, this SIMPLICITY Social Link template is a perfect way to showcase your portfolio and client experience every step of the way! Featuring everything from quick links and lead magnets to more sessions and featured posts, this template is perfectly prompted for the ultimate social media links! This template is for photographers who are looking to expand their IG bio links in a quick and easy to use template to produce clean and beautifully branded content that will convert their potential clients into paying clients.


3 Highlight Sets:
6 BTS Highlight Templates
5 Mini Mag Highlight Templates
5 Portfolio Highlight Templates

3 Carousel Posts:
Product Features (5 post row)
Senior Experience (5 post row)
Senior Feature (5 post row)

3 Call to Action Story Templates:
Connect with Us
Screen Shot This
Urgency Booking

10 IG Story Stickers:
Book Now
Calling Card
Inside Look
Link in Bio
New Post Thumbprint
New Post
Now Booking
Screenshot This

3 Square Posts:
Availability Schedule
Now Booking Post
Senior Intro / Sneak Peek

3 Story Templates:
Hook & Lure Story
Style Alert Story
Testimonial Story

Another option for those of you who want to educate your audience on your brand:

Instagram Caption Ideas

Our HIGH VALUE CAPTIONS COLLECTION is the ultimate resource for educating your IG audience & creating viral-worth content. We all know that in order for our audience to become paying clients, they need to know, like, & trust our brand, but how do we make that happen? With high value content that is relevant to our audience, consistency, and scroll stopping graphics. This collection can help you with all three of those aspects and get you on your way to a completely booked out schedule.

We didn’t want to just create a few templates and let you figure out the rest… we wanted to help you learn & understand the HOW behind high value captions too. That’s why we included not only 10 carousel templates to create jaw dropping educational posts, but an entire How To Guide that you can copy & paste pre-written captions with as well as from scratch step by step rules, starters & ideas to give you the foundation to continue creating these powerful posts.

This collection is for you if:

+ you’re not sure how to educate your IG audience
+ you want to save HOURS of caption writing & designing carousels
+ you want a high end aesthetic to your IG graphics
+ you need help creating high value content
+ want more engagement / saves / inquiries
+ you want your audience to know, like, & trust you
+ want to learn how to create high value content from scratch
+ want to also copy & paste pre-written content that works

What’s Included?

5 – 6 window carousels
3 – 5 window carousels
1 – 4 window carousels
1 – 3 window carousels

How to Rules & Examples for Headlines, Value Points & CTAs
10 Pre-Written High Value Caption swipe files
10 Headline Starters
30 Headline Ideas
10 Call to Action Starters
30 Call to Action Ideas

How to use carousel templates in Photoshop
How to build upon given examples in guide
How to add extra sections to any template
How to embellish carousel templates with elements

IG STORIES: Social Stories

Instagram Stories Templates for Photographers

Now, more than ever before, photographers need an intentional social media strategy to the set themselves apart from the competition. Part of that strategy is to wow your target market with planned posts that educate them on your incredible client experience and what you have to offer. A great way to do that is with eye-catching social media posts that accentuate your brand and showcase your art. What better way to feature your brand than with professionally designed social media posts?

What’s Included?

• 14 templates total
• Seven Instagram Square templates
• Seven Vertical (IG Stories & Snapchat) templates
• Layered Photoshop Files
• Cutomizeable & Brandable Elements
• Video Tutorial

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