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No need to enlist Santa’s elves this holiday season! Our holiday photo card templates and sales system makes selling and designing your client holiday cards so incredibly easy! If you’re looking for an entire system that sells the card designs that you offer to your photography clients without a time-intensive process, this is the perfect […]

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Holiday Cards for Photographers

No need to enlist Santa’s elves this holiday season! Our holiday photo card templates and sales system makes selling and designing your client holiday cards so incredibly easy!

If you’re looking for an entire system that sells the card designs that you offer to your photography clients without a time-intensive process, this is the perfect option for you! Just load your card designs into our Holiday Card Catalogue, send out to your clients, and BAM! The orders will start rolling in!


  1. Holiday Card Catalogue: this is our digital or print solution to showing your clients your card offerings and we’re here for it! Load up your Holiday Card designs, and let your clients download and browse through your offerings! This PDF template allows you to update your designs every year (no matter where your designs come from) while showcasing your card collections and other portrait products that you offer! They can pick the style card they want and then order it straight from you! 
  2. Holiday Card Templates: our holiday card templates are the BEST in the industry, and I have no issue saying that out loud! We research new trends every year and make sure that our photographers will have the best designs to offer their clients! Our customers have repeatedly told us that their family clients choose our designs over any other vendor year after year! 
  3. Merry Holidays Designer Dimensions: this is our solution to marketing your holiday cards! Clients NEED to see samples of completed cards to be motivated to buy them and these mock ups achieve exactly that! Our smart file templates allow you to easily pop in your card designs and start selling right away on your website, blog, social media, client galleries, holiday card catalogue, and more!
Family Christmas Cards


  1. It allows your photography clients to browse your designs without the pressure of an ordering session clock over their shoulder. They can take several days and even weeks to look through the designs you offer and make their choices when it’s easiest for them.
  2. You can send this out to ALL your clients, no matter when their actual photography session occurred. Whether their session was in February or August, you can send it out in October or November and they take it from there to order their holiday cards!
  3. You can even send it to your clients you haven’t yet photographed! This allows them to browse your designs BEFORE their session even happens, which can save serious time when it comes to holiday card ordering deadlines! 
  4. You don’t have to spend extra time meeting in person, when this can all be done online – and believe me, your clients will appreciate that beyond measure. Everyone has busy lives, and that’s why it’s so important to establish systems that can be hands off at times.
  5. Automation is the ultimate time saver. The fact that you can send all of your clients one link and the ordering process happens on its own from there!? YES PLEASE! You can go to the movies with your family while someone is placing their holiday card order and THAT is wonderful! 

Ready to dive in? Let’s do it!


Seasons Greetings

Learn how to streamline your holiday card sales and increase your income through introducing the Holiday Card Catalogue into your client experience timeline! 

This catalogue has been proven to be an amazing tool to upsell your products, save you precious design time, and guide clients through the process itself. In addition, this collection includes not only the holiday card catalogue templates complete with all verbiage, but tons of BONUS EXTRAS to use in your catalogue and social media platforms, an order form, and an educational guide that gives you step by step details for sales, order form verbiage and e-mail verbiage to introduce your clients to the Holiday Card Catalogue. Now, top all of that off with an educational video tutorial and you have an entire Holiday Card Sales System to start selling your holiday cards with easy success!

What’s included?

+ all text included
+ welcome letter
+ holiday gifts showcase & upsells
+ investment spread
+ order instructions
+ order timeline
+ custom envelopes & gift print options
+ holiday card collection features

Also included with the catalogue:

+ Catalog Marketing Mockups
+ Social Media Marketing Templates
+ In-Person Order Form
+ Photographer Education Guide & Sales Tool

Let’s fill that holiday card catalogue with beautifully modern holiday cards!

Christmas Cards

We specialize in modern, yet beautifully traditional holiday card templates that will spread good cheer to every one of your clients! Beautifully incorporating hand illustrated elements, festive holiday textures, playful tones & designs, our holiday cards are the perfect addition to your holiday card collection. Our collections showcases different designs and orientations for each card set, giving you tons of variety to choose from. 

Why we love our holiday cards:

  • all templates are fully layered PSD templates
  • easily change colors with included instructions
  • templates are compatible with Photoshop CS + newer
  • bleed lines & specs are already done for you
  • different designs for different client personalities

Looking for card mock-ups to help sell your holiday cards? Check out our Merry Holidays Designer Dimensions!

Family Christmas Cards

Look no further than our Merry Holidays photo card mock ups! Customize and use these high resolution card mockups on your website, blog, social media platforms, client magazines, product guides and so much more. Additionally, educate your family clients about your holiday card offerings and show off every client card order by customizing and showcasing their beautiful cards!

Each card image includes smart layer objects that are extremely easy to use. Simply select, place, and save. The mock ups also allow you to place your own artwork onto each product while having it automatically set for perspective, skew and depth of field! This results in realistic and high resolution product images.

What’s Included?

+ 21 Photo Card Images
+ Easy Drag & Drop Smart Objects
+ Endless crops to create new variable images
+ Video Tutorial showing detailed step by step instructions

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