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PODCAST Interview on Pricing & Where Business Owners Get It Wrong

As soon as we got the dead bodies talk over, I settled into my second fave topic: PRICING.

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I was so incredibly honored to be interviewed by Jed Taufer with the This Conversation podcast through WHCC while I was speaking at the PUSH Conference in July. I was a bit nervous as I had never done a podcast before, so I sat down, saw a monster of a mic sitting in front of my face, and began to sweat. What if I say the wrong  thing? Oh God… what if I get all excited and amped up and cuss a little?!?! It’s RECORDED PEOPLE. I was terrified.

Wait… oh no… what if I resort to my go-to nervous convo that involves…. DEAD BODIES? Well, that happened. Yep. It happened. On a recorded podcast. FACE PALM. Poor Jed and all the listening audience. 

But as soon as we got the dead bodies talk over, I settled into my second fave topic: PRICING. Oh yes. We went there.

We dove deep into my thoughts and methods on pricing everything from your prints and collections to even retirement issues. I was in my happy place for sure. So, if you would like to hear me unrestrictedly speak about pricing, finances, and how it pertains to ANY photographer?


Here’s a little excerpt from the podcast:

Jed: “That reminds me of something. Now I don’t like to name names… but this happened the other day, before I knew you, but I saw this happen TO YOU at a table full of people. Somebody made some loud declarations about money this and money that, and then they in jest pointed to YOU and said, ‘unless you’re Amanda, then you care.”

OUCH.  You guys… what I had to say next was MY TRUTH. It was raw and honest and transparent. It was in reply to this hurtful comment made about me, but I decided to open myself up, and let my pain flow through me through education.


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