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Why they’re your foe & how to beat the government at its own game.

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People look at me like I LOST MY MIND when I tell them I refuse to call and do a phone consult with potential clients. Nope. Not doin’ it!⁣Wanna know why?!? ⁣1. TIME IS MONEY: think about all the hours you can spend on the phone with every single inquiry per week and how you […]

3 Reasons I DON’T Call My Inquiries

Marketing Stategies

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“I could totally do this as a side hustle. Yeah… I’m gonna start a business!” 

5 Business Tasks for the New Photographer


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It’s time to get purposeful when it comes to marketing on IG.

Top 10 Mistakes Photographers Make with IG

Marketing Stategies

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No need to enlist Santa’s elves this holiday season! Our holiday photo card templates and sales system makes selling and designing your client holiday cards so incredibly easy! If you’re looking for an entire system that sells the card designs that you offer to your photography clients without a time-intensive process, this is the perfect […]

Holiday Card Sales Solutions

Time Saving Tools

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Our best tips and tricks for running a successful photography business!

Top 30: Best Business Advice in 2022 from A-List Creatives Instagram


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Alternatives to renting a commercial space for sales sessions

an extensive list of different options with a range of financial investments

7 Alternatives to Renting a Commercial Space for Sales Sessions


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5 steps to writing an inquiry response that will boost your bookings

How to Write an Inquiry Response Email that Works


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You don’t need a photography studio to be successful photographer. 

My Photography Studio Journey & Why I’m Leaving It Behind


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How to get perfectly prepared clients every time with session prep resources

3 Things that Happen when you Pre-Session Prep your Clients


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Nothing shows a Senior Guy Mom that you are a true professional better than brand specific marketing.

Senior Guy Session Resources with Nicki Hufford

Time Saving Tools

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