Tax Returns Are Not Your Friend

Why they’re your foe & how to beat the government at its own game.

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Raise your hand if you’ve been personally victimized by underpricing yourself.

3 Feelings at the Core of Underpricing Yourself

Pricing Methods

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I wasted a lot of time & energy with these mistakes.

5 Biggest Mistakes I Made with Email Marketing

Marketing Stategies

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How to give your photography client an amazing session experience

Using educational resources to become a super hero in your clients’ eyes.

How to Create an Elite Pre-Session Client Experience


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How to warm up a cold lead into a paying client.

The Funnel of Love: know, like, & trust

Marketing Stategies

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Don't underprice your photography services

Let’s talk about WHY you should NEVER use price as a marketing tool!

Are you underpricing yourself to lure in more clients?

Pricing Methods

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Quick tips for beefing up your calls to action!

Calls to Action: are you doing them wrong?

Marketing Stategies

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Is the way you respond to inquiries leaving you with less bookings than you’d like? ⁣

How to Respond to Inquiries using Visual Booking Motivators

Marketing Stategies

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How they get us to buy more of their product & how we could take some notes.

How Starbucks Maximizes their Profit Margins

Pricing Methods

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