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Are you new to the shop and don’t know where to start when it comes to investing in time saving tools for your business? The photo industry can be overwhelming due to the fact that you can run your business one of thousands of different ways and we understand that. That’s why we strive to create different systems for all different kinds of photographers. No matter if you’re all inclusive with digital galleries, full blown boutique with in-person sales, or somewhere in between, we are here to help.

Here are our most popular products depending on what you need most in your business:

If you need help MARKETING your photography business:

Marketing your business is an ever changing strategy (at least it should be) so we have lots of options for those of you who are wanting to reach more potential clients and book a full calendar!

Instagram Marketing Templates:

  1. The Social Bundle (to get a bit of everything in one collection)
  2. High Value Captions (to educate your audience)
  3. Social Links (for your IG link)

Newsletter Marketing Templates:

  1. Leads to List System V2 (freebies in exchange for your audiences’ email addresses)
  2. Welcome Campaign (to introduce your brand to new subscribers)
  3. Senior Features (to show off your portfolio and clients)

Offline Marketing:

  1. Marketing Cards Suite (business & marketing cards)
  2. Client Referral Collection (a rewards system for your client word of mouth referrals)

If you need help RESPONDING to client inquiries:

  1. Engage Guides (pdf magazine templates to get your client to book with you)
  2. E-Mail Suite (a full collection of emails with modern signature templates)

If you need help EDUCATING YOUR CLIENTS before their sessions:

Like we said, no matter your business methods, we have you covered! If you want to send tangible packets, we have different options! Want to send session prep education digitally! We have templates for that too!

  1. Welcome Kit (tangible session prep mailing templates for girls and guys)
  2. Client Hubs (online session prep for girls and guys)
  3. What to Wear Guides (digital and tangible magazines for girls and guys)

If you need POSING & PHOTOGRAPHY help:

  1. Posing Guides (for girls and guys)
  2. Editorial Fusion (to modernize your senior session poses)
  3. Reflect (to correctly light your subjects without the heavy equipment)
  4. Signature Lighting (when you want to learn Amanda’s signature studio style)


  1. Graduation Cards (for your senior announcements)
  2. Image Box Templates (for custom senior print boxes)
  3. Product Mockups (to show off your products without having the actual samples)

If you need help MAKING MORE MONEY:

  1. Post Session Sales Guide (to motivate your clients to spend more)
  2. The Senior Gradalogue (to sell your grad announcements while saving time)
  3. Product Sales Client Hub (to showcase your products digitally)

Whew! There you have it! An exhaustive list of our most popular products based on your needs in your business! Remember that time is your most valuable commodity.

As a business owner, that time always seems to be fleeting. But it doesn’t have to be. We’ve made it our mission to create get-your-life-back tools and resources for today’s photographer. We’re holding ourselves to a higher standard than just pretty designs. While important, pretty design is not what drives us. Your success and the success of your business does. 

Each product we create must meet three requirements. They must save you time, make you money, and simplify your life or the lives of your clients. Because spending time with your family, reading that book that’s been waiting on your nightstand, and cuddling your fur babies shouldn’t take the back burner to your business.

Should you ever have any questions about any of our courses, education or templates just let us know by completing our contact form!

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