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If you’re wanting to save a ton of time when it comes to prepping your Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, we have the PERFECT solutions for you! Marketing and selling your sale opportunities should take on a full system approach. Meaning, you can’t just post a single graphic on IG and expect the sales to come rolling in. It just doesn’t work that way.

Making sure that your audience members see your sale information several times during the course of your ongoing sale is so important as well as making sure you’re using messaging to connect with them and prime them for the sale. The following tools will help you hit your sales goals and prep for an incredibly successful sale campaign!

The Social Sale Bundle

How to have a Black Friday and cyber Monday sale for photographers

Ready to make some extra income in your photography business with a SALE?!? Then you need this bundle of time saving and money making resources! We’ve created a perfectly curated collection of IG posts, carousels, story graphics, stickers and even done for you captions so that you can present your sale to your social media audience as a complete campaign! 

Included in this bundle is a sale for every aspect of your business: past, present, and future clients will be able to invest in your services and products no matter what you offer! We’ve included everything from booking specials and gift cards to urgency and early opt-in bonus messaging! This is truly a full social media sale campaign that’s already been done for you!  Just pop your best images in the templates and you’re ready to start making that extra sale money!

Showcasing clean design with ALL TEXT INCLUDED, the Social Sale Bundle features social media post marketing templates, IG story marketing templates, tangible and digital gift card templates, and marketing & sales captions. This Social Sale Bundle is an extensive representation of the incredible sales your studio has to offer while showcasing graphics that are sure to excite your IG audience about your upcoming sales.

  • *all text included
  • 7 IG post designs included (4 posts, 3 carousels)
  • 7 IG story designs included
  • 7 IG story stickers 
  • 10 high value sale captions included
  • sale sign-up tracker printable
    + video tutorial to customize templates included

Why we love this collection:

  • it’s a complete social marketing system for your upcoming sale
  • it’s designed to be scroll stopping & attention grabbing
  • it includes all text from graphics to captions
  • it allows your portfolio to remain front & center
  • it shows offers for past, present, and future clients

Sale Newsletter Collection

Whether you’re sending sale campaigns to past clients or your newsletter list, these Sale Newsletter Templates are EXACTLY what you need to present a stunning marketing campaign with your portfolio & messaging front and center!

Showcasing clean design with ALL TEXT INCLUDED, the Sale: Newsletter Collection allows you to let your past, current, and potential clients know what sale your brand is offering! From percentage off booking fee and gift card offer, to free gift with booking, and sale mini offers, this collection has you covered!

Why we love this collection:

  • This collections is a great way to create urgency for your sale campaign
  • Sale Newsletter templates help you book more clients by offering your sales to hot leads on your subscribers list
  • This collection will help you keep your subscribers (or VIP list) up to date on any sales you’re offering
  • Sale Newsletters showcase your latest sale campaign with 100% reach to your active newsletter subscribers

The Mini Session Bundle

A great sale to offer your audience is mini sessions! Whether you’re a mini pro or just offering them for Black Friday, having a completely branded & well thought out, educational campaign is a great way to not only charge higher prices, but run efficient sessions as well. This bundle includes EVERYTHING you need to market to your potential mini clients, respond to their inquiries with detailed education, help them get prepped so they know how to arrive in portrait perfection, and even upsell their initial selections with strategic upgrade & product options.

Showcasing clean design with ALL TEXT INCLUDED, the Senior Mini Session Bundle features social media marketing templates, a mini-session inquiry guide, a mini-session client prep guide, post mini-session gallery & product guide, and client tracker printables for these fast paced sessions. This mini session bundle is an extensive representation of the incredible offerings your studio has to give your clientele. This guide is sure to excite your clients about your mini session offerings while educating them on the experience every step of the way.

Tip: Use this bundle to have a more boutique presence with your mini session clients by educating them to the fullest extent and helping them prepare for an incredible experience! This will allow you to increase your value offered and even convert your mini clients into full session clients with ease!

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