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How Newsletters Work: a Visual Showcase

If the thought of newsletters and lead magnets confuse you, you’re in the right place!

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So, you’ve been hearing about newsletters and lead magnets and how successful they are when it comes to booking more photography clients, but you’re beyond confused and have no idea where to start. Right? Yep – we’ve ALL been there, friend! I remember looking at the computer with a deer in the headlights stare as I tried to figure it all out myself and gave up time and time again because it was something new and I HATE learning something new.

But I finally figured it all out and guess what?!?! It IS as successful as everyone says and I’m going to show you all the ins and outs with VISUAL EDUCATION right here. DON’T WORRY! I have you covered! I put together these visual definitions and marketing path to common terms and actions when we talk about lead magnets, landing pages, ads, and newsletter campaigns. 

Hopefully this will help you understand what all these weird terms mean and can start getting you on the path to a successful newsletter system.

Below you will find the visual showcase and definitions for the following newsletters terms:


This is the basic path that a lead (aka someone interested in your services) goes down when being introduced to your brand via an ad or call to action. Think about how many times you’ve signed up for a freebie and then ended up on someone’s newsletter list, which then you ended up buying something of theirs that they sold on their newsletter list. This same path can used for your very own senior bookings!

How newsletters and lead magnets work
LEAD MAGNET: a valuable resource that is offered to your target audience in exchange for their e-mail address. A lead magnet is also called a “freebie” or “opt-in.”

How to use call to actions to draw in clients
AD / CALL TO ACTION: a potential client that you’ve targeted is prompted to download your LEAD MAGNET (a free guide or resource) in exchange for their e-mail address. They click on the ad, and are taken to a landing page.

How to use landing pages
LANDING PAGE: a linked page directly hosted by your newsletter provider. This is the page where your potential client will submit their e-mail address to receive the LEAD MAGNET you’ve offered them. Once submitted, your freebie should automatically be sent to them.

automated lead magnets
AUTOMATION: an e-mail newsletter or series of newsletters (a campaign) that is triggered upon a set rule. For example, most choose to automate their lead magnet to be automatically sent to their new subscriber. You can also automate an entire welcome sequence to trigger after the freebie is sent. This creates a hands-off marketing mechanism.

How newsletters work
WELCOME CAMPAIGN: a series of newsletters that welcomes your new subscriber to your newsletter list & introduces them to you, your brand, and your product. This is a GREAT way to get your new subscriber to start knowing, liking, & trusting you.

How newsletters work
EVERGREEN CONTENT NEWSLETTER: these kinds of newsletters can be sent out at anytime through the year! These are great for sending out education about your products, session fashion, your brand values, and more!

How to use newsletters and lead magnets
SEASONAL NEWSLETTER: these are the newsletters you send out when it’s relevant to your business at the time. These are great for seasonal fashion education, showcasing a new client’s images, announcements & updates, sales, open sessions, etc.

Now that you’re up to date on all the terms, let’s dive in to what this process actually looks like. Here’s a quick map of what your newsletter system can look like, when done correctly:

How newsletters work

THIS showcases the path that your target market takes when you implement a newsletter system! And guess what?!?! The red recycle icons show each part of the process that RUNS WHILE YOU SLEEP! Yes! You set it up, then let it run behind the scenes! You don’t have to be present for each and every piece of this process (unlike social media)! Woo hoo! Automation for the win!

Once you have your lead magnet, landing page, freebie delivery, and welcome campaign set up – the hard part is done! At that point, you can just create your monthly newsletters to send out (whether evergreen, or seasonal – we like a mix of both) as often as you like! We like to send out a newsletter 2-3 times a month to our senior & parent lead audience as it keeps our content fresh and doesn’t exhaust our list!

So you’ve now seen how the leads to list blueprint works, but you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the steps? We’ve got your back! I felt the same way too, which is why we created an entire leads to list system in ALL THE TEMPLATES! Yes! All of the work has been DONE FOR YOU! All text is included, every piece of the system is designed and laid out for you from lead magnets and landing pages to welcome campaign and newsletter campaigns! You just place your images in the templates and you are good to go! It couldn’t be easier.

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