5 Senior Mini Session Ideas

Quick and easy senior mini session ideas you can start marketing today

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Easy photo shoot ideas for high school seniors

It’s that time of the year I like to call the SENIOR MINI SESSION PORTRAIT SEASON. There’s so much going on in a high school seniors’ life and so many reasons to take pics, that booking mini sessions for senior picture photographers is literally the EASIEST way to make extra income right now.

Here’s 5 quick and easy senior mini session ideas you can start marketing today:

01. Prom Mini Sessions: seniors have been waiting for this event all year long and there’s no better way to memorialize the night’s festivities than with a professional photographer. Sell these sessions by explaining that they’re a great way to take the stress off the parents so that they can be present in the moment while getting the perfect shots of every single detail. Prom minis are also a great way to book groups of the very target market you want to book for future senior sessions. 

02. College Gear Minis: whether it’s college t-shirts, banners, or flags, your seniors will jump at the chance of getting pro pics of their college spirit. You can market these minis by talking about how great these pics will be for their grad cards & by offering bestie group sessions with all their different colleges t-shirts on display.

03. Cap & Gown Mini Shoots: since graduation is right around the corner, all your seniors now have their caps and gowns for the big day. Why not offer quick minis to capture them in the very representation of that big day?! These kinds of sessions could also be a quick and easy add on to other mini session offerings like spring minis, bestie minis, or college gear minis.

04. Family Mini Sessions: these minis are a great upsell option for your current Class of 2022 clients. Most kiddos are about to fly the nest and what better opportunity to get those last family portraits than right now, when everyone is at home during the summer? This option is a great way to upsell canvas collections too!

05. Wild Flower Mini Shoots: spring is about to show off all it has to offer with fields full of gorgeous flowers and botanical beauty and most seniors dream of having their pics taken in those fields, so why not give it to them? This is a great option for those fall and winter seniors who want a little extra color in some updated pics!

Looking for how to successfully plan and market these sessions? Check out this mini session planning guide post here!

Did you know that we, at A-List Creatives, decided to create an entire Senior Mini Session system that implements all of the factors you need to have successful mini sessions! We even included every aspect of the mini session process, including ALL THE TEXT! This system is completely DONE FOR YOU! From social media marketing and client inquiry to session prep and client organization, all you have to do is add your portfolio images and start making that money!

Our Senior Mini Session Bundle includes EVERYTHING you need to market to your potential mini clients, respond to their inquiries with detailed education, help them get prepped so they know how to arrive in portrait perfection, and even upsell their initial selections with strategic upgrade & product options.

Showcasing clean design with ALL TEXT INCLUDED, the Senior Mini Session Bundle features social media marketing templates, a mini-session inquiry guide, a mini-session client prep guide, post mini-session gallery & product guide, and client tracker printables for these fast paced sessions. This mini session bundle is an extensive representation of the incredible offerings your studio has to give your clientele. This guide is sure to excite your clients about your mini session offerings while educating them on the experience every step of the way.

Tip: Use this bundle to have a more boutique presence with your mini session clients by educating them to the fullest extent and helping them prepare for an incredible experience! This will allow you to increase your value offered and even convert your mini clients into full session clients with ease!



  • Senior Minis: Coming Soon
  • Sign Up to get Early Access
  • Senior Mini Availability
  • What is a Senior Mini (education)
  • How Does a Senior Mini Work (education)
  • Booking Now with Call to Action
  • Only X Spots Left (urgency)
  • Cap & Gown Minis explanation
  • College T Minis explanation
  • Looks to Bring (open ended)
  • Prom Minis explanation
  • Mini Session education & marketing carousel (square)
  • Now booking (square)
  • Only X Spots Left (square)


  • 12 pages (all text included)
  • cover & photographer introduction
  • detailed what is a mini session & timeline education
  • mini session benefits & features education
  • dates & pricing information
  • product showcase & portfolio
  • closing with call to action


  • 14 pages (all text included)
  • confirmation & what’s inside
  • wardrobe education & wardrobe packing checklist
  • face & hair education & styling tips for curly or straight styles
  • go pro education & face/hair packing checklist
  • arrival/late/communication policy
  • location template for map of mini session directions
  • during session tips & policies
  • post session timeline, product, and option for discount code


  • 3 pages (all text included)
  • Your images are ready information
  • Upgrade option text
  • downloading / backup information
  • social media posting policy information
  • portrait products: product showcase & portfolio


  • client identification printable
  • client tracker chart

Purchase the Senior Mini Session Bundle here!

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