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Market your photography business using more than just social media.

DID YOU KNOW that someone needs to see your product or service an average of SEVEN TIMES before converting into a paid client?!? SEVEN TIMES! Woah!

Now that you know that, HOW you are making sure that you are pushing your product or service to your potential clients!? 

Are you doing MORE than just social media? 

Do you have a marketing system set up that doesn’t depend on social media? 

Have you been relying on only posting to Instagram and Facebook to market your business? 

Because we all know that the algorithms are meant to keep your audience in the dark! Follow that up with the fact that only 10% of your audience is actually seeing your content and dang! That “seven times” is not as easy as it seems. 

One of the NUMBER ONE MARKETING SINS I see most photographers committing is not diversifying their marketing methods! If you aren’t getting enough inquiries from your target audience and wish you had more bookings from committed clients, you might want to start offering LEAD MAGNETS (aka freebies) & NEWSLETTER CAMPAIGNS for your potential clients.

Think about it: let’s count out 7 times you can get in front of your target market when you have a lead magnet & newsletter system working for you: 

1. freebie offer (welcome campaign automatically triggered)

2. freebie download newsletter

3. social media post

4. welcome newsletter

5. IG story view

6. introduction newsletter

7. soft sell newsletter 

BOOM. Before your lead magnet & newsletter, they would have seen your content twice. With a newsletter? They’ve consumed your brand that perfect 7 times before the week is over. Before you know it, they’re inquiring about hiring you and can’t wait to book with you. If you need more help with this, check out our welcome magazine templates for photographers.

So now that you can certainly see the light on this entire system, how do you get it started? How the heck do you get someone to sign up for your newsletter list? 

One of the best ways that I make sure my targeted potential clients consume my content, is by getting them to subscribe to my newsletter! How the heck do we do that?!? With a super valuable and relevant freebie that you offer them in exchange for their email address! 

Here are three reasons offering freebies (aka lead magnets) could really help boost your reach to new a target market audience!

1. ESTABLISH AUTHORITY: offering lead magnets on a specific subject (my potential clients love anything that has to do with session fashion) allows your audience to learn from you… which means that you step into a position of authority on that topic. And who would you rather hire? An expert on what you need? Or someone who may or may not know what they’re doing?

2. BEGIN THE KLT FUNNEL: the “know, like, & trust funnel,” that is! Freebies allow you to get KNOWN by way more people than just your IG audience because you can use them in ads, e-mail responses, and so much more! Once you get freebies in front of people who have never heard from you before, they can begin to like and trust you! 

3. BRAND PRESENCE: Again… it’s the “7 times” rule in marketing: purchasers need to see you 7 times to commit to you?!? SEVEN TIMES! Crossing your fingers and hoping the IG algorithm will put you in their path is not a marketing technique, friends! When you offer a freebie and someone signs up for it, they’re also signing up for your newsletter list which means that you can send them marketing campaigns all year long! 

Speaking of newsletter marketing campaigns, did you know that e-mail campaigns are 43% MORE EFFECTIVE than social media alone?!? That’s HUGE! HUUUUUUUGE! 

And guess what?!?! It doesn’t have to be an insane effort on your part. You can actually automate your campaigns so that they automatically trigger without you having to send each and every email manually. You can even trigger an entire welcome campaign with as many emails as you want so that as soon as your audience member signs up, they automatically receive your newsletters in their inbox whenever you want them to. 

Do you know what that means? You can market to, book, and sell to your clients IN YOUR SLEEP. Or at the movies with your kids, on a date night with your husband, even while you’re taking a hot bath after shooting a gorgeous client session. THAT is working smarter, not harder, friends. 

Does making money in your sleep sound good to you? And let me tell you friends, it feels SO GOOD to finally have an automated system that runs behind the scenes while you live your life. It has worked for me for the past several years and it definitely can for you too. 

Ready to learn HOW to create this awesome system in YOUR photography business?

I got your back friend! We are opening the doors to CAMPAIGN CONTENT & ADS ACADEMY next month and this self-paced online course holds ALL THE ANSWERS to your lead magnet & newsletter marketing system. We literally walk you through step by step every single detail from creating your first freebie, how to market it, how to automate your freebie delivery, and how to get your newsletter up and running.

Believe me… I wish I had this course when I got started with newsletters because it would have made my life so much easier! The doors are open for a very limited time so make sure you’re signed up to be notified when it goes live HERE and start living your life the way you intended when you decided to own your own business! 

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