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We regularly get the question, “I’m a new photo business owner and I love your templates, but there’s just so many and I don’t know where to start! What should be my first few purchases to help me be successful?”

Our answer usually depends on a few different factors, but we decided to dedicate this blog post for those of you who find yourself asking that very question… where do I get started in the A-List Shop?

Here are our top 5 shop resources for new photographers who are ready to kick their business in high gear!


How do YOU respond to your client inquiries? Do you reply with your prices? An e-mail back? Maybe even a phone call? Imagine responding to your potential clients with a beautifully designed and customized client inquiry magazine that educates them on the incredible experience that you have to offer while showcasing your portfolio all at the same time. That is what the client inquiry magazine is all about… the hook. This is your one shot to wow them before they finally commit to hiring you. This magazine template allows you to fill the pages with gorgeous images as well as details on why they should hire you. When potential clients are able to dive in to your brand with a memorable digital or printed magazine, they are more likely to hire you. It’s the ultimate resource for increased bookings.

The Social Bundle

This template collection is for photographers who are looking for a variety of PSD social media templates that will produce clean and beautifully branded content that will convert their potential clients into paying clients. You could literally start overhauling your highlights, posting your CTAs, and converting your audience TODAY!

Designer Dimensions

Stunning product images are a phenomenal way to reach your target clients and let them know about the incredible portrait experience that you have to offer. Imagine attempting to purchase a car without seeing it… it’s the same with your portrait product offerings. Showcasing detailed product images allows you to feature your artwork in a way that allows you to educate your audience on your product offerings as well as collections.

Customize and use these high resolution product images on your website, blog, social media platforms, client magazines, product guides and so much more. Educate your client about your product offerings and show off every client order by customizing and showcasing their individual client orders. Think of all of the social media posts you can create with 35 different and customizable product images! Also consider creating customized products prior to your ordering session to feature during sales in order to motivate higher sales and increased income.

The Posing Guide

The Purpose Posing Guide not only features over 130 pages of detailed posing education, but it also goes above and beyond by providing alternative options to each and every pose. It features key elements and step-by-step instructional guides to each pose as well as several incorrect execution factors that can prohibit you from a successful pose. This guide begins with the top 10 tips for purposeful posing, showcasing subtle details that will help you refine each pose. The second chapter then moves into explaining and showcasing several examples of the incredible flow posing method to help you in maximizing your transitional posing techniques. It then follows through with standing poses, action poses to create and capture editorial movement, sitting poses, squatting poses and laying poses with abundant detail and examples for each. Featuring over 175 images, the Purpose Posing Guide 2.0 is setting the new standard in senior posing education.

A- List Society

The A-List Society is a monthly membership full of education designed to help photographers (like you!) transform your business into a client booking, income producing, and evolving machine that works FOR you. Every week, members receive LIVE trainings, guides, & resources to stay on top of the ever changing industry while going behind the scenes with Amanda Holloway. Imagine how much time & stress you can save every month by being a part of a community that gives you the secrets to success while building your confidence & income at the same time.

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