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5 Places to Offer Your Freebies that Don’t Include Ads

Don’t have funds to invest in your lead magnets? No worries!

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“I want to grow my newsletter list with freebies, but I don’t have any money to invest in FB and IG ads.”  If this is you, don’t worry friend, I got you covered! 

We all have to start somewhere and freebies (aka lead magnets) are a great way to grow our audience for our newsletter list! Unfortunately, most advice out there will tell you to immediately start throwing money into Facebook or Instagram ads to get those freebies in front of people and start collecting email addresses. 

But guess what? There’s A TON of non-paid options to get your freebies in front of your audience that won’t cost you a dime! 

easy lead magnets to grow your newsletter list

Here’s 5 places to put your freebie that doesn’t include an ad:

1. Email: when you get an inquiry, why not let them know you have a freebie they might be interested in? I like to offer a freebie to my inquiries while they’re considering hiring me to not only get them on my newsletter list, but to start nurturing them after they’ve inquired. 

2. Email Signature: keep a link to your most popular freebie in your email signature so anyone you communicate with can become a subscriber. Make sure it’s linked to your landing page for quick access and watch the new leads roll in.

3. Link in Bio: keep a link to your freebie or your library of freebies in your link in bio for year round sign ups. Want to take it a step further? Create an IG highlight solely dedicated to your freebie offerings to keep them front and center on your IG account.

4. IG Posts: feature your freebies in your IG posts with detailed info about what valuable tips your audience will receive when they sign up for it. I like to feature a new freebie every other month as well as share relatable freebies in my captions when the topic makes sense. 

5. Marketing Cards: kick your biz cards up a notch by offering your high value content freebie with a qr code to your landing page! Make sure the freebie you offer on these cards are your best performing (aka, most sign ups). 

6. BONUS: if you send out mailing campaigns to your target market, feature your freebies with a qr code every other campaign you send out! Make sure to explain what pain points your freebies will solve as well as what your audience can learn by signing up for them. 

Now… what freebies have I found that work best?

After offering lead magnets (aka freebies) for the past several years, I’ve found that the following are the three most likely kinds to grab your potential clients’ attention & email addresses:

1.  What NOT to ____________. : This lead magnet really sparks interest because you’re leveraging your potential clients’ fears to save them from avoiding a potential negative.

2.  Checklists: These are a wonderful way to educate your potential clients in a super organized way. Everyone LOVES a good checklist!

3.  How To’s : These are ALWAYS an audience favorite! Detailed educational content that provides real value to their lives is the GOAT when it comes to freebies!

Do YOU offer freebies?  What have you found to be your most popular lead magnet with your audience? 

If you’re looking for done-for-you freebies to start offering your clients TODAY, look no further than our Senior Lead Magnet templates, collection #1 and #2! Want to nurture those subscribers? We also have done-for-you newsletter templates too!

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