Tax Returns Are Not Your Friend

Why they’re your foe & how to beat the government at its own game.

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Let’s bust these myths that are keeping you overworked and underpaid!

3 Pricing Myths that are Ruining your Business

Pricing Methods

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Photography Business Advice

Our best tips and tricks for running a successful photography business!

Top 30: Best Business Advice in 2021 from A-List Creatives Instagram

Marketing Stategies

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10 MUSTS to get your financial ducks in a row.

End of Year Checklist for your Business Financials


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“What should my first few purchases be to help me get on my way to success?”

A-List Templates: a Guide of our Most Popular Resources

Time Saving Tools

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If the thought of newsletters and lead magnets confuse you, you’re in the right place!

How Newsletters Work: a Visual Showcase

Marketing Stategies

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If the thought of designing each piece of your system overwhelms you, we have your back.

Our Newsletters System Templates: Where to Start

Time Saving Tools

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A step-by-step blueprint to planning your sale marketing campaign for success.

How to Plan a Successful Black Friday Sale


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A list of MUST HAVE SOCIAL MEDIA TEMPLATES for photogs who want to elevate their IG brand presence!

A-List Instagram Templates: Where to Start

Time Saving Tools

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Raise your hand if you’ve been personally victimized by underpricing yourself.

3 Feelings at the Core of Underpricing Yourself

Pricing Methods

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When you’re ready to increase your sales average, we got you covered!

How to Visually Motivate Higher Sales in your Photography Business

Time Saving Tools

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I'm Amanda, the pricing & sales expert behind A-list.

I'm an expert of boutique photography business education, lover of all things British & spicy foods, and forever a curiously ambitious woman... a rebel if you will.

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